Thursday, February 12, 2009

!!!! Welcome to My World !!!!

Welcome Earthlings to Ron's World. A place where you can just sit back RELAX, and get your daily dosage of whats new,old, and going on on this place we call EARTH. I will try and keep everyone updated on the latest, and past events, couture, movies, music, gossip (no Juicy Campus type Bull $HIT), and share with you a little bit of what I enjoy to do threw out the week.

I'm pretty sure when you first logged on to my blog you you asked yourself or the person your looking at this with " WTF IS "SIC SEMPER TYRANNIS" ??????
Well people this is the GOOD OLE' STATE of VIRGINIA'S motto.
Which means "Death to TYRANTS" it originated from Marcus Brutus who was very influential in the ASSASSINATION of wanna be Bad Ass himself Julius Caesar. A tyrant is a
single ruler holding absolute power over a state or within an organization. I chose this as my blogs title because the story of how Brutus took over Caesar was flawless, and it is also my States motto.

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