Wednesday, March 10, 2010 and ATL's New artist J-Real

So im a GO HARD mixtape fan!!! lol I usually get all my mixtapes from bc other sites like are unorganized and take you through sum shit b4 being able to download. But with that said..i was browsing through the New Artist section and ran across ah youngin named J-Real. At first i was skeptical but after reading the reviews of others listeners, i had to take a listen myself......SHIT IS FIRE!!! I usually skip ova new artist bc i dont have time to be listening to ah developing musician smh but this dude is LEGIT!!! He has sum hot features on the mixtape like: Travis Porter, Sammie, Gorilla Zoe, and Rich Boy. Make sure yall go check out dude!!! I'll provide ah link below to his mixtape!!!

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